Champagne Leuvrigny

The GAUDINAT-BOIVIN Champagne House is located in the Marne Valley, where we have been growing vines for more than five generations. Our vineyard is spread out on about 11 hectares in 3 different villages.

We grow the three grape varieties of champagne (Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay) in our vineyard, on the sunny hillsides of Festigny, Leuvrigny and Oeuilly, on the south bank of the Marne Valley.

The fruity and flexible Pinot Meunier grape variety contributes to the character and the uniqueness of the Champagne wines of the Marne Valley. The Chardonnay brings delicacy and lightness, and the Pinot Noir gives power and nobility.

Our batches are all produced using our harvest and our own facilities to convey the individuality and the authenticity of our wines.

From the champagnes for celebrations or special occasions to the more intimate batches, our range will meet the expectations of the most sophisticated champagne lovers.

For more details about cuvees, prices or cellar tours, contact us by phone (+33 3 26 58 01 52) or email.

In the Champagne area

on the way to the Vallée de la Marne (Marne Valley)

nearby the famous vineyards of Epernay, the village of Festigny is clinging to the hillside and belongs to the Champagne designation “Vallée de la Marne”.

place 6, Rue des vignes - Le Mesnil - Le Huttier - 51700 Festigny
tel 03 26 58 01 52