Producteur de champagne Epernay

The wine-growing and wine-making of high-quality champagnes are the result of a relentless and daily work combined with experience and a unique savoir-faire passed on from generation to generation.

Throughout the years, the team of the GAUDINAT-BOIVIN Champagne House looks after the vineyard. The winter season is dedicated to the trimming, a long and methodical operation. Then a strict schedule that follows the vine cycle sets the pace, from the waking of the vine stock in the spring to the harvest in September.

Finding the right balance between human intervention and the biological cycle of the vine is essential, so that each land can show its individuality.

As far as vinification is concerned, our goal is to master the different stages of the process at all times. Pressing, fermentation, maturation in vats or oak barrels and larger barrels, bottling, ageing in the cellar and disgorging: all the steps take place in our press rooms, fermenting rooms and cellars in Festigny, near Epernay and Chateau-Thierry.

This way, we can elaborate batches that express the uniqueness of our land in the purest way. It guarantees the originality and the identity of our Marne Valley Champagnes.

For more details about cuvees, prices or cellar tours, contact us by phone (+33 3 26 58 01 52) or email.

In the Champagne area

on the way to the Vallée de la Marne (Marne Valley)

nearby the famous vineyards of Epernay, the village of Festigny is clinging to the hillside and belongs to the Champagne designation “Vallée de la Marne”.

place 6, Rue des vignes - Le Mesnil - Le Huttier - 51700 Festigny
tel 03 26 58 01 52