Exploitation viticole Leuvrigny

“Our story has been tied to the vines for at least five generations. Following the marriages and inheritances, our land has been passed down but also bought or exchanged between owners to become a network of plots gathered around our winery in Festigny, cradle of our family.”


“In 1929, the cooperative of the village is created. Wine-growers gather to press, vinify and bottle a part of their harvest to produce their champagne.”


Champagne Gaudinat-Boivin Festigny

“Our first family brand of champagne (“Champagne GAUDINAT-BIERRY”) was created in the 1950s. The ageing, the “remuage” (shaking) and the disgorging already take place in the humble arched cellars of our grandparents Maurice and Lucie’s house.”


“In 1970, our parents, Roger and Lydie, take over and expand the production with their brand: CHAMPAGNE GAUDINAT-BOIVIN. A press room, a winery and cellars are built and a new story begins.”


“Being faithful to our land and our origins: with their drive and their persistence, our elders paved the way to allow us, David and Hervé Gaudinat, to have been writing a new chapter of this story since 2005.”

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In the Champagne area

on the way to the Vallée de la Marne (Marne Valley)

nearby the famous vineyards of Epernay, the village of Festigny is clinging to the hillside and belongs to the Champagne designation “Vallée de la Marne”.

place 6, Rue des vignes - Le Mesnil - Le Huttier - 51700 Festigny
tel 03 26 58 01 52